30th and 31st episode titles of Pocket Monsters XY unveiled

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Episodes to air May 29 & June 5 respectively
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  • Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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The title and airdate for the 30th and 31st episode of Pocket Monsters XY has been unveiled. Koruni and Lucario! The secret of MegaEvolution!! is scheduled to air May 29 alongside XY029, ジャジャーン!ニセサトシ現る!! Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!!, as an hour long special.

XY030, ルカリオVSバシャーモ!試練の洞窟!! Lucario VS Bursyamo! The Cave of Trials!!, will be airing on June 5th.

Additionally, the airing schedule for the remainder of the month has been revealed. XY026 - May 8 XY027 - May 15 XY028 - May 22 XY029/XY030 - May 29 XY030 - Jun 5