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AG126 - Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears!

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AG 126 "Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears!"
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  • Friday, April 29, 2005

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  • [url=//!_Masamune_Appears!] AG126 - Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears![/url]
  • <a href="//!_Masamune_Appears!"> AG126 - Start the Preliminaries! Masamune Appears!</a>
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Satoshi and Masamune

The day before the Saiyuu Convention begins, Satoshi is busy training his pokemon. Suddenly, he sees his rival, Masamune, chasing a giant onigiri! Later, Masamune falls into one of the Rocket-Dan's pitfalls, and he has to be saved by Tetsuya, the trainer with the Nyasu in boots.

Later, Masamune is fighting his first battle in the League against a trainer named Jump. Can he fend off the trainer's Eleboo with his Dumbel that doesn't know a lot of different techniques?

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