BMG Web master to be staff at Oz tour

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Bulbagarden webmaster to work as staff for Australia's 10th anniversary tour
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  • Wednesday, September 6, 2006

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This local article reports on an event in a specific geographical location. It may not be relevant for all readers.

Bulbagarden's very own Webmaster, Liam "Archaic" Pomfret, is to run demonstrations of the Pokémon Trading Figure and Trading Card games for Pokémon 10th anniversary tour events in Brisbane. Dates and times for these events follow.

Indooroopilly Saturday, 7 October, 9am - 4pm.

Logan Hyperdome Sunday, 8 October, 10am - 4:30pm.

Further details on the events, and his responsibilities there, are still sketchy at this point, but Liam apparently hopes to be able to bring with him to the events a stack of Pokémon swag from Japan to display, including a copy of the brand new Pokémon Diamond game, direct from Japan.