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Cadbury Nintendo DS Competition

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Nintendo DS Packs up for grabs in Australia
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  • Sunday, May 8, 2005

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With the purchase of Cadbury Creamy Vanilla 83g, Flake 80g, Picnic 87g, Cherry Ripe 88g, Dream 83g, Timeout 76g, or Crunchie Bar 60g ice creams, Australian residents may enter the draw to win a handful of Pokémon prizes. Possible prizes are as follows:

  1. 2 Grand Prizes, of Nintendo DS game consoles with 5 (five) games, including Pokémon Dash
  2. 25 Runner-Up Prizes of a Nintendo DS console and Super Mario 64 DS.

To enter, the barcode (UPC) of the ice cream should be sent along with an entry form including your name, address and telephone number to “Win a Nintendo” PO Box 1401 OSBORNE PARK MC, WA 6916

Entries close 5pm, Friday the 24th of June, 2005.

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