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CoroCoro offically reveals new Megas, final starter evolutions

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Final information before X and Y release
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  • Thursday, October 10, 2013
  • Reported on Bulbanews by George Hutcheon
    Originally reported in CoroCoro magazine

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  • [url=//,_final_starter_evolutions] CoroCoro offically reveals new Megas, final starter evolutions[/url]
  • <a href="//,_final_starter_evolutions"> CoroCoro offically reveals new Megas, final starter evolutions</a>

Official artwork and profiles of a number of new Mega evolutions, as well as the final evolutions of X and Y's starter Pokémon, have been revealed in the latest edition of CoroCoro.

Mega Aggron becomes a pure Steel-type and gains the ability Filter. Mega Tyranitar has the ability Sand Stream.

Mega Kangaskhan was first shown off in the World Championships, but this marks its first appearance in other media. It has the ability Parental Bond. Mega Gengar gains the ability Shadow Tag.

In addition, the final evolutions of the Kalos starters appear, along with their Japanese names. Chespin's final evolution, Burigaron, is a Grass/Fighting-type. Fennekin's final evolution is Mafokkushi, a Fire/Psychic-type. Finally, Froakie's final evolution, Gekkouga, is a Water/Dark-type.