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Distribution dates for English Regigigas revealed

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Distributions ends in September
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  • Tuesday, July 21, 2009
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The distributions dates in the United Kingdom for the event-only Regigigas was recently revealed the Nintendo of Europe. The distribution will go on from the end of July to the beginning of September.

The distributions will be held during events in specific locations. Unlike most distributions in Japan and the United States, the dates are not continuous. Players of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum can obtain their Regigigas during the following events:

Event/Location Start End
Sunderland Airshow July 25 July 26
Nottingham River Festival July 31 Aug. 2
Bristol Balloon Fiesta Aug. 6 Aug. 9
Eastbourne Airshow Aug. 13 Aug. 16
Weymouth Carnival Aug. 18 Aug. 19
Liverpool One Aug. 22 Aug. 24
Braehead Shopping Center Aug. 28 Aug. 31
Westfield Derby Sept. 3 Sept. 6

This Regigigas will be distributed at level 100 while in a Cherish Ball and holding the Custap Berry. It will know the moves Iron Head, Rock Slide, Icy Wind and Crush Grip. Once the Regigigas is traded or obtained in Platinum, it will allow players to enter the Rock Peak, Iceberg and Iron Ruins when the special Regigigas is in the party. The legendary Pokémon Regirock, Regice and Registeel can be found in the ruins, respectively, at level 30.

No other distribution dates were revealed for the other European countries.