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Wednesday, April 1, 1998

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Mew definitely under the truck, says kid in your class
Red truck.jpgA truck
Sources claim you're just doing it wrong
It was confirmed earlier today that Mew is indeed concealed beneath the truck in Kuchiba City. There has been some confusion about how exactly to move the truck in order to retrieve Mew, but today that kid in your class issued a clarification on the matter.

Reported on Fushiginews by POKKETOMONSUTA86

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Anime episode review: "Apparition Pokemon and Natsumatsuri"
EP020.pngPretty girl, or something more sinister?
Anime expert Pokketo-sama watches another episode on your behalf!
Today, a ghostly encounter with a mysterious Pokémon in an episode full of surprises. Plus, shock news about the future of the anime!

Reported on Fushiginews by Pokketo-sama

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Game Freak refuse to deny that they deny non-existence of new game in development
Pocket Moster Brown Version now all but certain
Small boy shocks world with rude Pokémon nickname
Clever use of mildly inappropriate word amazes, impresses peers

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