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Revision as of 12:20, 24 October 2006 by Zhen Lin (talk | contribs) (It's been in the 7:30AM timeslot since the start of the month)

This week

TV Tokyo

Thursday, Oct. 26, 7 p.m. JST
DP006: Forest of Perplexity! Shinji Again!!
Sunday, Oct. 29, 7.30 a.m. JST
PS107: Daisuki Project "To Run・To Jump・To Throw," Research, Pokémon Revival "Save Laplace!" (EP084)

Cartoon Network

Saturday, Oct. 28, 9 a.m. EDT
AG160: Harley Rides Again
Saturday, Oct. 28, 9.30 a.m. EDT
AG161: Odd Pokémon Out
Saturday, Oct. 28, 5 p.m. EDT
AG171: Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! (Part One)