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New 'Pokémon Radio Show' CDs announced

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Three volumes of CDs to be released in 2013
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  • Monday, December 3, 2012

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Pokémon Radio Show

The latest episode of the Rocket's Pokémon Radio Show featured a commercial for new CDs from the TRio's radio show. According to which, there will be three volumes of CDs with each volume containing two CDs. The chorus version of "Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni" is expected to be on there, but the rest is currently unknown.

Each volume will retail for ¥3150 (yen). The first volume comes out on February 22 and features Musashi. The next two comes out on March 29 and April 26. If you buy the CDs on Animate, which doesn't seem to ship outside Japan, you'll get the pilot episode!