New Black and White info revealed

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Generation V villains, others make first appearance
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  • Friday, July 30, 2010

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A new video has revealed new information for Pokémon Black and White. The video has revealed that the villainous team will be Team Plasma (プラズマ団). A new trainer by the name of Aloe (アロエ) has also been revealed. The video has also shown a new feature called Pokémon Musical (ポケモンミュージカル) it is similar to the Pokémon Super Contests, you can dress up the Pokémon to preform in a musical-like contest. Two new Pokémon were also revealed, a deer Pokémon and ミルホッグ Miruhoggu. Several new trainer classes were also shown such as a football player, a baker, and several others. A brand new train system was also shown, leading to a train station area.

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