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Nintendo Direct announces new 3DS apps

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Two new 3DS download features announced on Nintendo Direct
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  • Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Today, Nintendo Direct has revealed two new 3DS download features.

First off is Pokémon AR Searcher. This shooting-style game puts Pokémon in real-world environments through the use of the 3DS back cameras. The game will be available on June 23 for 300 yen at the 3DS Store.

Second is a new professional version of Pokédex 3D. The game, entitled "Pokédex 3D Pro", will feature all Unova and non-Unova Pokémon, as well as Argumented Reality features. In addition, both the new forms of the Ice/Dragon-type Pokémon Kyurem will also be featured. The game will be available on July 14 for 1500 yen at the 3DS Store in place of the original game.