TCG ninth movie VS deck translated

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  • Friday, August 4, 2006
  • Originally reported by Altomare Latios

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Thanks to Altomare Latios, Bulbagarden is proud to present translations and scans for the ninth movie TCG VS half-deck, recently released in Japan. It is unlikely that the majority of these cards will ever be released in English, but it is certainly interesting to see the kinds of things Japanese fans of the Trading Card Game have available to them. All scans can be viewed by clicking on the name of the card in the cardlist. Cards for which a translation has not been provided below have already been released in English in other sets.



001/019 - Phantom's Spear

Pin Missile 10x Flip Three coins. Multiply the damage by the number of heads.

Poison Pin 30 Opponent's Pokémon is poisoned.

002/019 - Haruka's Wakasyamo

Scratch 10

Scorch 20 Opponent's Pokémon is burned.

003/019 - Akūsha's Tamanta

Bubble Flip a coin, if heads, the opponent's Pokémon is paralyzed.

Surf 30

004/019 - Akūsha's Buoysel

Tail Slap 10

Agility 20 Flip a coin, if heads, you will not take damage from the next attack (?).

005/019 - Sea's Manaphy

Watergun 10+ For every water energy card Manaphy has, it will add equal to the number of water energy cards times 20. Only a maximum of two cards can be used for this effect.

Healing Light 20 Remove one damage counter from one of your Pokémon. However, you can only do this for one Pokémon (?).

006/019 - Ship's Todoseruga

Aurora Beam 20

Body Slam 30 Flip a coin, if heads, the opponent's Pokémon is paralyzed.

007/019 - Hiromi's Charem

Flying Sparks 10

Psycho Boom 20+ Add this Pokémon's number of energy cards times ten to the total damage.

008/019 - Takeshi's Numacraw

Aqua Sonic 20 This does 20 damage, regardless of strengths or weakness.

Muddy Stream 30 Place one damage counter on your opponent's benched Pokémon.

009/019 - Akūsha's Onidrill

PokéBody - Big Wings This Pokémon can escape even if it has no energy cards attached.

Grabbing Hold 20 Opponent's Pokémon will get hit even if escaping.

010/019 - Satoshi's Eipam

Take Take one card from your deck.

Tail Strike Do 20 damage to one Pokémon.

011/019 - Phantom's Perap

Peck 10

Quick Attack 20+ Flip a coin, if heads, add 10 damage.

016/019 - Jackie's Capture

Take one Akuusha's Pokemon and Basic Energy and place it in your hand. Show it to your opponent and shuffle your deck.

018/019 - Manaphy's Egg

Find Sea's Manaphy, place it on your bench and shuffle your deck. Afterwards you can add one Water Energy to any Pokemon, including Manaphy.