Third annual Christmas Contest launched

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  • Sunday, December 5, 2010

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This article brought to you by Bulbanews, your community Pokémon newspaper.

With twenty sleeps to go before Christmas Day, Bulbagarden has launched its third annual string of Christmas contests. Staff from around the site are presently launching a range of contests, which you can participate in and - if you're lucky - win big. Pre-release orders for the upcoming Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version are among the top prizes.

The contests span a range of topics covering most of the Pokémon franchise:

  • On Bulbagarden forums
    • Fanfiction
    • Fanart
    • Photography
    • Trading Card Game
    • Fourth and fifth generation competitive battling
    • Roleplay
    • Festive riddle games
  • On Bulbanews
    • Opinion-writing contest

For the first time on Bulbagarden, not all contests are being released simultaneously. Interested participants should check back regularly to see what's new. Full details of every contest will be made available as appropriate. With such a wide scope, it is hoped that there will be something for everybody this year.

Bulbagarden is excited about the wide range of contests available this year, especially with many new contests. We wish everyone the best of luck.