Hey guys ,,

Im not much of a writer but i will do my best, iv'e been playing pokemon games since they first came out thats pretty epic to say i was born in 1993 lol anyways just thought i would write a little article on how awsome pokemon is....

It all started back when i was 6 way back in 1999 i think it was around may'ish when the first to games came out blue and red. And after playing them to games i had such a mind blowing experiance training my little critters up i had to get the next installments. So after the first games i had to wait another 2 years for the next one haha which was annoying because i heard japan had got it a year earlier which didnt please me at all, So any ways as everyone else was excited about the new millanium i was getting excited about the 2 soon to be 3 new pokemon games being released.

Then it finally happened the 2 year wait was up. I heard something being shoved threw the letterbox as i swang open the letterbox i saw it the gold caseing of the highley anticapated game Pokemon Gold. i whipped it in my gameboy colour and of i started on my new pokemon journey soon realising this gam had a new region !!!

Anyways after time i completed Gold, and started to wait for the next games to be released.

POKEMON RUBY & SAPPHIRE !!! these games were mind blowing the graphics were brought to a hole new level also "Another" new region Hoenn was the name.

And also it had over a 100 new kinds of pokemon.

Asusual as the time went by i finally completed Pokemon Sapphire and waited for the next title to be released.

As i was waiting for the next game i got told the game was called Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl soon after it Pokemon Platinum. Some strange reason i didnt get Pokemon Diamond or pearl but the wen Pokemon Platinum did come out i had to purchase it. and wow was i took to surprise the fourth generation was mind blowing the grapihcs the REGION SINOHH !!!!! and all the new pokemon was way to much for me to handle at once so i took my time on the game studying all the pokemon and routes (which is safe to say took me a while lol " Anyways after i finally brought myslef round to completing Pokemon Platinum by the way the best sequal yet! i heard about Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver.

So then i started my long wait for the next games which were remakes of Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver which were epic by the way.

And then Bam!! the day 26/03/2010 hit the uk march oh i had never liked that month so much haha. Obviousley this game didnt take me long to complete because they were just remakes but amazing remakes if that, beacause of the new safari zone the new routes the new pokeathlon dome it was all immence .

After i had ompleted that i already got told about Pokemon Black and Pokemon White (which i am now waiting for by the way )

So anyways guys im going to leave you to toggle threw the rest of this amazing site now im gunna get back to playing Pokemon Heart Gold so cya guys !!!!