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Joined 29 August 2017
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About Moi

Spr 4d 124.png This user loves Eurovision.
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My username ‘escparth’ to many people means 'escapeparth' which it doesn’t! The ‘esc’ stands for the Eurovision Song Contest because I love it and it is my whole life! Sad, I know. I am from the United Kingdom. I am currently doing my A-Levels (A2). I hope to go to university soon to do a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography.


I’ve been a part of the Pokémon fandom since around 2010. This is when I grew into Pokémon. The first game I played was Pokémon Pearl. I love the anime to death - I’ve watched nearly episode and I love it even though it's cringey (yes, even the Porygon episode!). I’ve been using Bulbapedia since 2012 but never made accounts on it. I only recently made accounts when I applied to a be a News Writer for Bulbanews at the end of August 2016. The first article I wrote was about the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon guidebook. I am still a provisional news writer and I hope to become a full staff member soon!


Don’t hesitate to add me on the 3DS! My friend is code is 5129-1043-5889

Also, I have an account on the BMGf ‘escparth’. I am not that regular on the forums but I am on there from time to time. I am more active on the Bulbagarden Discord server, I have the same username (escparth).