XY Trainer Kit contents revealed

Deck contains 2 new cards: Noibat, Noivern
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  • Friday, March 7, 2014

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The XY Trainer Kit set to release in March has made it to store shelves, and the full decklist is now known. The decklist primarily contains reprints, but will also have the very first English cards of both Noibat and Noivern. The Sylveon is a new artwork of the XY Black Star Promotional print, while all the rest of the Pokémon are reprints of older cards from the Kalos Starter Set, XY, or Legendary Treasures expansions. The two half deck lists are detailed below.

The Trainer Kit also will contain a coin, two guided game booklets, a 2-player playmat, damage counters and Special Condition markers, an illustrated deck box, and one code card to unlock the deck online.

Card lists

Sylveon Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1/30 Fletchling  
2/30 Fairy Energy   E
3/30 Fairy Energy   E
4/30 Switch I
5/30 Fairy Energy   E
6/30 Fairy Energy   E
7/30 Fairy Energy   E
8/30 Fairy Energy   E
9/30 Fairy Energy   E
10/30 Fairy Energy   E
11/30 Snubbull  
12/30 Fairy Energy   E
13/30 Eevee  
14/30 Granbull  
15/30 Sylveon  
16/30 Furfrou  
17/30 Fairy Energy   E
18/30 Fairy Energy   E
19/30 Fletchling  
20/30 Potion I
21/30 Eevee  
22/30 Furfrou  
23/30 Pokémon Catcher I
24/30 Potion I
25/30 Fairy Energy   E
26/30 Poké Ball I
27/30 Snubbull  
28/30 Professor's Letter I
29/30 Granbull  
30/30 Sylveon  

Noivern Half Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
1/30 Spoink  
2/30 Gourgeist  
3/30 Arbok  
4/30 Bunnelby  
5/30 Psychic Energy   E
6/30 Psychic Energy   E
7/30 Psychic Energy   E
8/30 Psychic Energy   E
9/30 Psychic Energy   E
10/30 Psychic Energy   E
11/30 Pumpkaboo  
12/30 Noibat  
13/30 Noivern  
14/30 Pokémon Catcher I
15/30 Potion I
16/30 Ekans  
17/30 Psychic Energy   E
18/30 Pumpkaboo  
19/30 Darkness Energy   E
20/30 Furfrou  
21/30 Poké Ball I
22/30 Darkness Energy   E
23/30 Noibat  
24/30 Professor's Letter I
25/30 Psychic Energy   E
26/30 Darkness Energy   E
27/30 Potion I
28/30 Darkness Energy   E
29/30 Switch I
30/30 Noivern