'Cattleya' to make her anime debut in 'Best Wishes! season 2'

Sakaki to lead Rocket-dan in their biggest plan in history
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  • Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Famitsu has recently provided some new information regarding the upcoming Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! season 2.

Cattleya; artwork from Pokémon Black and White

According to the summary on Famitsu, the gang along with the Shin'ō League Champion Shirona will head to eastern part of the Isshu region, which has many non-Isshu Pokémon populating it. They also encounter Hikari, one of Satoshi's previous traveling companion. Meloetta will later become Satoshi's friend and journey with them.

Cattleya, one of the members of Four Heavenly Kings of the Isshu region, will enter the World Tournament Junior Cup along with Shirona. The winner of the cup can battle Isshu League Champion Adeku.

Along with that, Satoshi will also have a new rival, and Sakaki will lead Rocket-dan in their 'biggest plot in history'.

Bulbanews would like to thank 'Gin' for providing the information and translation.


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