12 Days of Bulbagarden contest FAQ

Fanart, fanfic contest prizes announced
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  • Thursday, December 18, 2008
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Many questions have arisen regarding the 12 Days of Bulbagarden contest. Below is a list of questions that have been answered. To ask a new question, post on the talk page of this article. New answers will be posted on this page.

Q: How do I enter these contests?
A: All the contests are happening on the Bulbagarden Forums. Please read this article for information on rules and how to enter.

12 Days of Bulbagarden random drawing contest

Q: Can I win even though I live in such-and-such country?
A: As long as you are able to receive packages from Amazon.com, you are eligible to win prizes.
Q: Can I win more than one contest?
A: No. If your name is drawn in the random contest more than one day, the second instance will be drawn for another member. If you enter both the fanart and fanfic contests, you will only be able to win one at the discretion of the judges.
We will announce all the winners of the random drawings and the fanart and fanfic contests on Dec. 25. If someone wins both a fanart or fanfic contest and a random drawing, he or she will receive the prize of greater value, and the lesser prize will be redrawn or re-awarded to someone else.
Q: Do I need to enter the fanart or fanfic contest to be entered in the random drawings?
A: No, you just need to make at least one substantial (more than one- or two-word reply) post on a given day to be entered in that day's random drawing.
Q: How do I enter my substantial post in the random drawings?
A: Bulbagarden staff will tally all entries. You don't need to do anything but post as usual.
Q: How will I be notified if I am a winner?
A: We will announce all the winners on Bulbanews and the Bulbagarden Forums late on Dec. 25 or on Dec. 26 if more time is needed.
Q: Is the Nintendo DS Lite the prize only for the random drawing on Dec. 25?
A: Yes, you must make a substantial post on the forums on Dec. 25 to be entered in the drawing for the Nintendo DS Lite.

Bulbasaur's Christmas Fanart Contest

Q: Do we have to include Bulbasaur in our art, or can we include other Pokémon?
A: You may include any Pokémon or human characters you want as long as the picture also includes Bulbasaur.
Q: Does my fanart have to be done on a computer, or can I hand-draw it and take a picture of that?
A: Any way you want to post and convey your image, as long as it's a .jpg or .png file, is fine.
Q: How many times may I enter the contest?
A: Only one entry per member.
Q: Can I draw a gijinka version of Bulbasaur in my entry?
A: Yes, as long as the gijinka is easily recognizable as representing Bulbasaur.

Best Battle Fanfic Contest

Q: Do we have to use an existing character as our opponent, or can we make our own new character?
A: You can do either. The opponent can be anyone you want.
Q: Does the battle have to be Christmas-themed like the art contest?
A: No.
Q: Can I write the battle scene for this contest, and then put it in a larger fanfic in another thread?
A: As long as you write the scene specifically in response to this contest, then you can do what you like with it when the contest is over. We ask that you wait, however, until the winners have been announced before you post it in another thread so the battle scenes can be judged equally.
Q: Trainer A fights Trainer B. Can Trainer A defeat Trainer B by only using one Pokémon, even though they both have three on them at the time?
A: No. Each of the three Pokémon on each trainer's side must make at least one move during the battle.
Q: Trainer A has six Pokemon. Can he or she fight Trainer B, who only has three Pokémon?
A: Yes, just as long as three Pokémon from each side make an appearance.
Q: Can I use profanity in my fanfic?
A: Profanity shouldn't be necessary, but if you feel it is for characterization or to express extreme emotions, keep it to a minimum. Excessively profane entries will be disqualified.
Q: Can we criticize the works that have been posted in the entry thread on the forums?
A: No, not until the contest is over. When the contest is over, entrants will be allowed to post their entries in separate threads for discussion or expansion. Until then, to keep the judging fair, please do not criticize others' fanfics.
Q: Can I enter more than once?
A: One entry per member, please.
Q: When will the entries be judged and the winners be announced?
A: Entries will be accepted until Dec. 23. On Dec. 25, Bulbagarden will announce the winners of all the contests at the same time.