14 new Pokémon Rumble U passwords announced for the US

Haxorus, Zoroark among the Pokémon available
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  • Thursday, September 12, 2013

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14 new Pokémon Rumble U passwords have been announced for the US. All of the Pokémon have the Special trait Gift and a Power that is unknown.


Pokémon Move #1 Move #2 Password
  Magikarp Splash Hydro Pump 16713311
  Gyarados Dragon Rage Thrash 60536144
  Dunsparce Rollout Blizzard 73442047
  Sableye Fake Out Confuse Ray 52051808
  Garchomp Fire Fang Dragon Claw 97988814
  Snivy Leaf Tornado Iron Tail 55149930
  Tepig Flame Charge Rollout 17171075
  Oshawott Razor Shell Swords Dance 45507682
  Zoroark Night Daze Flamethrower 04811884
  Eelektross Thunderbolt Coil 88508880
  Eelektross Crunch Discharge 78871053
  Chandelure Fire Blast Shadow Ball 79702521
  Haxorus Dual Chop Dragon Dance 53658779
  Hydreigon Dark Pulse Dragon Pulse 78897697