153rd episode of Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl revealed by Pokeani

Episode will revolve around Kojirō
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  • Sunday, October 25, 2009
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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Pokeani has just revealed the 153rd episode of the series Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl.

Kojirō TCG artwork

The episode will feature Kojirō, one of the three members of Rocket-dan who have been following Satoshi since the second episode of the first series of the anime. The episode will be entitled 「危険がいっぱい!コジロウの宝箱!!」 Full of Danger! Kojirō's Treasure Chest!!, which is set to air on Nov. 26 on TV Tokyo.

Kojirō came from a rich family, but he later ran away as a child, leaving his beloved pet behind. Later on, he joined Rocket-dan, where he was teamed up with Musashi and Nyarth.

Kojirō only has two Pokémon with him at the moment. These are Manene and Muskippa. His first known Pokémon, which evolved into a Matadogas, was released to help protect several Dogars. Some of his other Pokémon, such as his Chirean and Sabonea, later followed in leaving his side.