183rd episode's TV Tokyo summary reveals some information

Episode to begin the final arc of DP saga, Black/White anime news also to air
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  • Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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TV Tokyo has posted a summary of the 183rd episode of the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl, 「開幕!シンオウリーグ・スズラン大会!!」 Raise the Curtain! Shin'ō League - Suzuran Tournament!!. The summary reveals that the episode will be the beginning of the climax of Satoshi's journey through Shin'ō. The episode will also air information on the anime series based on the upcoming games Pokémon Black and White.

Screenshot from the episode

The 183rd episode will feature the opening of the Shin'ō League tournament on Suzuran Island, as well as Satoshi's battle against Naoshi.