3rd Japanese ending theme for XY series announced

'DreaDrea' by Shōko Nakagawa
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  • Thursday, September 25, 2014

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DreaDrea, the 3rd ending theme song for the XY series, will make its television debut with the 47th episode on Oct. 16. Performed by Shōko Nakagawa, the song is written by Yūho Iwasato and Shōko Nakagawa, and Kentarō Suzuki is credited as the composer.


Full translation:

To commemorate the release of 'Shōkotan☆Covers Special Edition', Shōko Nakagawa appeared on a LINE live broadcast for the first time on the night of Sept. 24. She had a surprise announcement to make, that she was to sing the new ending theme of the 'Pokémon XY' anime.

Despite only lasting half an hour, Shokotan had nearly 100,000 people watch her LINE live broadcast. The format of the show was responding to messages from the viewers which were gathered on LINE, and during it, she sang an acapella of 'JoJo ~The fate of your blood~', a song included in 'Shokotan☆Covers Special Edition'. She also showed off her JoJo posing and expressed her deep feelings toward the anime song genre, starting with her feelings for 'JoJo'.

In the latter half of the programme, she had a shocking announcement: 'I, Shōko Nakagawa... am retiring!', before revealing it was just a joke, which invited laughs and replies from the viewers, and then revealing the real announcement was that she would be singing the new ending theme for the 'Pokémon XY' anime. This announcement received lots of celebratory messages from the viewers of the LINE live broadcast.

It is the girliest song in the history of the Pokémon anime, is the image song of a character named 'Serena', and the lyrics were jointly written by Yūho Iwasato and Shōko Nakagawa. The main theme of the song comes from future story of the anime, 'Serena finding her own dreams, and setting out toward them', and it is titled 'DreaDrea'. The title of the song was taken from a lyric in the chorus, 'DreaDreaDream Power♪'.

Furthermore, 'DreaDrea' will be performed for the first time at her autumn solo tour 'The Greed Revolution', held on Oct. 12 and 13 at Zepp DiverCity, before its TV airing on Oct. 16.

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