Apparent new Pokémon reportedly seen at the end of movie 18

Appeared in teaser for next movie
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  • Saturday, July 18, 2015

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During the teaser for the next movie that aired at the end of this year's movie in Japan, an apparent new Pokémon appeared. Due to only being shown in movie theaters, no images of the Pokémon are available online, but some fans have produced sketches of the Pokémon that appeared.

Sketch of the apparent new Pokémon by denkimouse

The apparent new Pokémon is described as small and light green, and not resembling any currently known Pokémon.

In the teaser, the "Pokémon the Movie XY" logo is shown. The creature emerges from the 'o' in "Pokémon", then poses below the logo. The screen then changes to the image of the large unknown creature shown in CoroCoro.

Both Victini and Trevenant were originally revealed in such teasers.