Australian copy of Pokémon White found to work on a Japanese 3DS

Nintendo's region-locking defied
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  • Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Gaming writer Daniel Vuckovic has reported that his advance-release Australian copy of Pokémon White Version can be played on a Japanese Nintendo 3DS and DSi, despite the fact that DSi-enhanced games such as Pokémon Black and White Versions are region-locked.

Vuckovic, who describes himself as "owner of Vooks, contributor for Kotaku AU and Hyper, web designer/developer and a Nintendo fan" broke the news on his Twitter account (@VOOK64) and followed up on his gaming news website, According to the reports, the reverse was not true, however: Vuckovic's Japanese copy of Pokémon Black would not play on an Australian DSi.

This inter-region playing should not be possible, as all DSi-enhanced games are region-locked. In other words, only Japanese games should be playable on Japanese consoles.

This may mean, explains Vuckovic, that only certain games may be region-locked, and region-locking may be optional.

Black and White meet their mainstream release in two days, starting in Europe. The 3DS was released in Japan last Saturday, and will be released worldwide starting March 25.

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