Best Wishes preview airs, reveals new details

Satoshi, Pikachu officially confirmed
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  • Thursday, August 26, 2010

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A new preview for Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! has aired and has given some new details about the upcoming anime series. The preview, which aired after the final episode of the Suzuran Conference arc, shows that Satoshi will indeed appear in the upcoming series. Satoshi is seen using Pikachu to battle a wild Mamepato, meeting Dento in a café, meeting Iris in a forest, and catching a Pokémon.

Satoshi in Best Wishes!

TV Tokyo also revamped the Best Wishes! part of their site today. While not giving much information, it does show that Dento owns the latest revealed Pokémon, Yanappu. A few other videos also were uploaded, including a lengthened trailer showing a Mamepato being caught.

Diamond & Pearl will end on Sept. 9 and Best Wishes! will begin airing on Sept. 23.