Black and White to feature only Gen V Pokémon pre-National Dex

Feature announced in Game Freak director Masuda's blog
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  • Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has updated his blog with an unexpected announcement. Pokémon Black and White Versions will only feature Generation V Pokémon up until the player acquires the National Pokédex. In the update, Masuda said that his intention was to give players both new and veteran an equally new experience, akin to Pokémon Red and Green/Blue Versions back in Generation I.

Junichi Masuda

This same line of thought seems to have been used when the decision was made to reset the route numbers back from route one, and placing Isshu in a remote location from the rest of the Pokémon world. It remains to see what, if any, non-standard features from the established Pokémon world will be included in Pokémon Black and White.