Bulbagarden announces first quarterly fanfiction contest

Best stories, characters to receive commemorative banner
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  • Monday, June 9, 2010

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Moderators Jabberwocky, LightningTopaz and Aladar are hosting the first quarterly fanfiction contest, taking place in Bulbagarden's Writer's Workshop. Unlike most other contests taking place in Bulbagarden, this one does not offer a prize of monetary value, and is designed primarily for users already active in the forums. The prizes will be commemorative banners designed by Bulbagarden Staff Artist Blazaking EX, shown to the right.

Winner's banner for the fanfic tier
Winner's banner for the character tier

There are two categories that prizes will be awarded in, best stories and best characters. Prizes within each category are as follows.

Tier Overall Award Sections
Story Best Story

Best Serial, Best One-shot, Best Journey Fic, Best Shipping Fic, Best Dark Fic, Best Future Fic, Best Non-Pokémon Fic

Character Best Character

Best Main Character, Best Supporting Character, Best Villian, Best Take On A Canon Character, Best Original Character

The contest will formally open on June 10th, when a thread will be opened in the Writer's Workshop. Each user may nominate up to two candidates per section. On June 17th, nominations will be closed and voting will begin. After two weeks have passed, a second round of voting will commence to determine who wins the overall award of each tier.

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