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Best Wishes, Rocket-Dan!
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Best Wishes has brought about many changes to the anime. One of the big ones that has caused much discussion is Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyasu's new attitude. They are no longer the goofy, comedic, blasting off bad guys they once were. They are now serious, competent, and know when to cut their losses and escape, villains. There has been much debate as to the cause of this change, as well as whether or not they're even "in character" anymore. Continued...
Current Edition: May 2024
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Reflecting on Lessons Learned
Pallet Town anime art.jpg A few thoughts addressing ideas that are bigger than (but very much related to) the Pokémon franchise, from National Bulbagraphic's managing editor. Continued...
The Big Three
Ash Misty Hold Hands.png Shipping is a big deal, and even by cutting it to three big ones, Bulbagraphic walks a dangerous line. But venture on to see an examination of PokéShipping, AdvanceShipping and PearlShipping. Continued...
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