Bureaucrats are users who have been granted bureaucratic powers by the board of editors. They are generally members of the Bulbapedia Editorial Board.

List of bureaucrats

See: List of bureaucrats
Username Activity Since Location Position
Kenji-girl Active January 30, 2010   Unites States Bulbapedia staff
Zesty Cactus Active February 10, 2012   Canada Bulbapedia staff
Ataro Active August 3, 2014   United States Bulbapedia staff
Jo The Marten Active April 3, 2012   United States Bulbapedia staff
Pokemaster97 Active June 13, 2013   United States Senior Writer; Bulbapedia Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Abcboy Active March 19, 2017   United States Bulbapedia staff
Darkeiya Inactive March 4, 2010   United States Bulbapedia staff
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In addition to utilizing all Administrative powers, Bureaucrats are able to:

  • Lock and unlock the database in case of a mass vandalism attack or other considerable issue
  • Manage some user rights
  • Check user IP adresses


Bureaucrats have authority over all other user groups, with the exception of the Board of Editors and other Bureaucrats.

Becoming a bureaucrat

Bureaucratic powers can be granted only by the board of editors.

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