Bulbanews:Crediting sources

sourcetype sourcename sourcelink
Unknown unknown Leave blank. Leave blank.
Bulbanews bulbanews Reporter, i.e. Argy. User page, i.e. User:Argy.
Press release pressrelease Organisation name, i.e. Nintendo. Full link to the press release.
pressrelease-tinyurl TinyURL ID to the press release, i.e. http://tinyurl.com/5e8jy.
Other web site othersite Web site name, i.e. Pokeani. Full link to the original report.
othersite-tinyurl TinyURL ID to the original report, i.e. http://tinyurl.com/bfleb.
Column column Columnist. Leave blank.
column-bn User page.
Opinion piece opinion Writer. Leave blank.
opinion-bn User page.
Editorial editorial-bn Writer. User page.

Please note that sourcetype is case-sensitive.