Chuang Yi releases 31st volume of Pokémon Adventures

Volume features Super Contest, battle with Gym Leader
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  • Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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The the 31st volume of Pokémon Adventures, which is known as 「ポケットモンスター☆SPECIAL」 Pocket Monsters ☆ SPECIAL in Japan, was released last Nov. 17 in Singapore by Chuang Yi. It is sold for SGD 8.50, which is approximately USD 6.15. The book's ISBN is 9789812769374. The volume's cover was leaked earlier this week after it was used as the cover of Pokémon Omnibus : Diamond and Pearl Vol.1.

Volume 31's cover

This volume features adventures of Diamond, Pearl and Lady Berlitz as they continue on their journey throughout Sinnoh. The volume covers Lady Berlitz learning about Sinnoh's Super Contests, entering her first contest, and her battle against the Eterna City's Gym Leader Gardenia.


Round Title Round Title Round Title
347   VS Roserade II 350   VS Buneary 353     VS Croagunk and Abra II
348   VS Stunky 351   VS Pachirisu 354   VS Unown I
349     VS Probopass and Magnezone 352     VS Croagunk and Abra I 355   VS Unown II
Pokémon Adventures Volume 31