Column:Looking Forward

Looking Forward
Columnist Pat Hessman
Status Complete
Schedule Weekly
License BY-NC-SA 2.5
Original run July 2010 - September 2010
List of articles

Looking Forward is a column written by Pat Hessman with guest contributors YeOldeJacob and SmearglePaints. It was written in 2010 exclusively for Bulbanews, but can also be read on the author's personal blog site. This column evaluated the speculation and news about the then-upcoming fifth generation of Pokémon video games.

The column updated weekly, on Wednesdays, with the first issue released on July 14, 2010. It ran over ten weeks for a total of ten issues, with the final article published shortly before the release of Pokémon Black and White on September 15.


  1. Looking Forward: Generational Rot
  2. Looking Forward: Three on Three
  3. Looking Forward: It Isshu What It Is
  4. Looking Forward: The Stuff of Legends (co-written with YeOldeJacob)
  5. Looking Forward: The Plasma Report
  6. Looking Forward: As the Rumor Mill Turns (co-written with SmearglePaints)
  7. Looking Forward: 3:10 to Hoenn
  8. Looking Forward: Into the Wireless Blue Yonder
  9. Looking Forward: Tribute to the Distraction
  10. Looking Forward: Forever Speculating