CoroCoro Comics October 2005 reveals more details on new games

New scans from the October 2005 issue of CoroCoro Comics reveal more information on Pokémon Dungeon of Mystery and Pokémon Torō ze
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  • Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  • Reported on Bulbanews by nYoo

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Today two new scans from the October 2005 Issue of CoroCoro Comics have been uploaded to a Japanese anonymous imageboard. The scans feature new screenshots and artwork for Pokémon Torō ze and Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon (Dungeon of Mystery).

A translation of the scans follows thanks to DeltaSuicune:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is filled with new material, Blue launching on the DS, Red on the GBA, [Nov 17th projected] take a look at the new features!

  • The main character is a human that has turned into a Pokémon! Unravel the mystery of this as you begin your adventure. When you begin the game, you will be asked a series of questions to select your personality, and this will be reflected by which Pokémon you become.
  • Pokémon on your team? Apparently you can choose your teammates for your rescue squad and gather more Pokémon as your adventure progresses.
  • What is this rescue job? Pokémon get hit by various natural disasters, and your mission is to rescue them. Job postings (or private commissions) can be found at the Rescue Base, or public boards. Example: Finding a lost Caterpie. The jobs vary greatly, from rescuing a Pokémon to running some errands. When your reputation grows, private missions start more frequently, but beware, other reputable teams are also out there!
  • What are these Mystery Dungeons? Dungeons that change shape every time you enter them!
  • Moves and abilities? Moves from other Pokémon games are usable in different ways, either in battle or to solve map puzzles. New items exist as well, like the Explosive Seed to damage enemies, and the Golem Stone to damage distant enemies.

Pokémon Pokémon Torō ze

Brain Battle with Torō ze Adventure!

The main character, Lucy, is an agent of SOL, working under (Commander) Professor P, who also works as the syndicate inventor. Aipom and Manectric are your partners in fighting against this evil organization.

Fight the Phobos Army in action puzzles! They steal Pokémon by utilizing various vehicles. The enemy throws Jammer Balls at you- use the Dittos to erase them. Another turns all panels into silhouettes making it more difficult to spot which blocks to align. The five Generals are your opponents: Aqua-Reira, Buzz, Grog, Avery, Ban-Buuram, each with distinctive abilities!

Use the Torō ze Chance when you first erase four blocks- the next chain sequence can be deleted even in threes in various shapes.

This October, the Pokémon DS era begins!

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