CoroCoro reveals Alolan Grimer

Evolutions of Type: Null, Jangmo-o revealed
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  • Wednesday, October 12, 2016
  • Reported on Bulbanews by SnorlaxMonster
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comic magazine

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Update:  More pages have been posted online, and given new information in addition to confirming the previously dubious information

Alolan Grimer

Images of this month's CoroCoro Comic have been posted online.

CoroCoro has revealed Alolan Grimer. This Alola Form is Poison/Dark-type.

Type: Null evolves into Shiruvadi. Shiruvadi is Normal-type and has the Ability AR System, which changes its type to any of the 18 types, depending on the Memory item it holds. Shiruvadi can learn the new move Multi Attack, which changes type based on the Memory it holds.

The evolved forms of Jangmo-o have been revealed. Jangmo-o evolves into Jarango, which then evolves into Jararanga. Jarango and Jararanga are both Fighting/Dragon-type.

Ilima is the Captain of the Verdant Cavern trial on Melemele Island, for which the Totem Pokémon in Gumshoos in Pokémon Sun and Alolan Raticate in Pokémon Moon.