CoroCoro reveals new Pokémon, Ultra Beasts, Sun & Moon anime

Sun & Moon anime to debut November 2016
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  • Monday, September 12, 2016
  • Reported on Bulbanews by SnorlaxMonster
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comic magazine

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Update:  Two more CoroCoro pages have been uncovered. They reveal that Rockruff can only evolve into Midday Form Rugarugan in Pokémon Sun and into Midnight Form Rugarugan in Pokémon Moon. Additionally, Midday Form Rugarugan gets a new priority move that only it can learn called Accel Rock; Midnight Form Rugarugan can learn Counter.

The latest issue of CoroCoro Comic has revealed a new Pokémon, new Ultra Beasts, and details on the Pokémon Sun & Moon anime.

Rugarugan (Japanese name) is the evolved form of Rockruff. It has two forms: Midday Form and Midnight Form. When filled with solar power, Rockruff becomes Midday Form Rugarugan; when filled with the power of night, Rockruff becomes Midnight Form Rugarugan.

Two new Ultra Beasts were revealed. UB-02 Expansion is shown in Pokémon Sun. UB-02 Beauty is shown in Pokémon Moon. Additionally, UB-01 has ????? after its name, indicating that it might also have a subtitle that has not yet been revealed.

The next series of the Pokémon anime will be Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon. It will debut in Japan in November 2016. In the new series of the anime, Ash will go to school and is aiming for graduation.