Early information about upcoming events of Pocket Monsters XY revealed

Ash will meet a trainer that has Frogadier
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  • Saturday, December 14, 2013

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Pocket Monsters XY

Early information about upcoming events in Pocket Monsters XY have been unveiled in the McDonald's Pokédex book. On Dec. 31, there will be a New Years special that will showcase upcoming adventures in the series.

Translation of the scan:

  • A rival for Ash?! Frogadier and Sampei appear!!
  • Ash and friends meet Sampei, a trainer with a Frogadier, Froakie's evolved form. Will that one meeting change the destiny of Ash's Froakie...?
  • Team Rocket in big trouble?! What is the aim of the terrifying Malamar?!
  • A Malamar appears in front of Team Rocket, who are always troubling Ash and friends! The mysterious light it emits spells big trouble not just for Team Rocket, but Ash and friends too...?!

With thanks to bluesun for the translation.