Ending song announced for 18th movie

Tweedia to be sung by Rei Yasuda
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  • Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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The ending theme of the eighteenth movie has been announced. Tweedia will be performed by Japanese singer and fashion model Rei Yasuda (安田レイ).


The song is named after the flower that symbolizes "hearts that believe in each other" or "blissful love" in the language of the flowers. The lyrics underlying the theme and the way the song sounds give off a feel of a warm, expansive world, a perfect match for Pokémon!

Yasuda's comment quotes

When I was little, I would watch Pokémon on TV with my little brother.

I have collected quite a number of toys and trading cards that I keep in my home. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be chosen to sing the ending theme of Pokémon movie, so I am truly happy to perform the theme this year.

Through Pokémon, I realized how important it is to have friends and share bonds. With the song connoting the theme of trust and love as reflected in the flower's symbolism, it would surely enliven the story depicting friends and bonds.

Without fail, listening to the song would bring to mind one's cherished companions and people who will always be supportive.

Thanks to Bluesun for some of the translation.