English HeartGold, SoulSilver names revealed

Fan site posts info before games' release
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  • Tuesday, February 2, 2010
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Kevzo8

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Serebii.net recently reported new information about Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver a month before the games' official English-language release. The site revealed the English names of the player characters, Rocket Executives, and more.

Team Rocket Executives
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The player characters' English names were revealed. Hibiki is now known as Ethan and Kotone as Lyra. Please note that the name Lyra was first revealed by the official Pokémon site on their summary for the upcoming episode An Egg Scramble!.

Team Rocket Executives' English names were revealed, as well. Apollo is now known as Archer and Athena as Arianna. Lance has been renamed Proton, and Lambda is now named Petrel.

The Pokéthlon has been renamed Pokéathlon, a portmanteau of Pokémon and Triathlon. One of the Pokéathlon stats was renamed as well. The Technique stat is now known as the Skill stat. The Apricorn Shaker mixes Apricorns together to make performance-boosting Apricorn drinks called Aprijuice. In addition, the Pokéathlon Founder named Kobushi is now named Magnus.

Artwork of Arceus inside the Sinjoh Ruins

Names for new items introduced in HeartGold and SoulSilver were also revealed. The Verdant Orb, the item that allows the player to encounter Rayquaza in the Hidden Tower is now called the Jade Orb. The Tide Bell, which is used by the Kimono Girls to summon Lugia, is now called Tidal Bell. The Unown Notebook is now known as the Unown Report and the GB Player as the GB Sound. The Mysterious Crystal has been renamed Enigma Stone, and the Itemfinder is now named Dowsing MCHN in Generation IV. The Compe Ball, the Poké Ball used to catch wild Pokémon in the Bug-Catching Contest, is now known as Sport Ball. The Apricorn Case and the Berry Planter that allows the Apricorns and Berries to grow while traveling, are now called Apricorn Box and Berry Pots, respectively.

Two locations were also renamed. Sinjoh Ruins is the new name for the Shinto Ruins, a combination of Sinnoh and Johto. An area inside the ruins formerly known as the Triad Stage now called the Mystri Stage. The Hidden Tower in Route 47, where Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza rest, is now known as the Embedded Tower.

The Game Corner has also been changed. Instead of the slot machines, a new mini-game is added called Voltorb Flip. Players have to flip tiles to get a variety of multipliers. However, Voltorb are placed randomly in each set. The number of Voltorb are shown in each row and column. The task is to get the multipliers and not hit any tiles that contain Voltorb, similar to the game Minesweeper. As the player progress without hitting the tiles with Voltorb, the levels get more difficult and more tiles with Voltorb appearing, but the number of coin multipliers increases. Players will have to start at the first level if they keep on hitting Voltorb.

Update:  The Offical Nintendo Magazine's website has now confirmed and detailed Voltorb Flip. 1

Update 2:  Serebii.net posted the English names of the Pokéathlon events.

Japanese name English name
Dash Hurdle Hurdle Dash
Bound Field Lamp Jump
Ring-Out Flight Ring Drop
Shooting Snow Snow Throw
Change Relay Relay Run
Break Block Block Break
Steal Flag Penant Grab
Catch Saucer Disc Catch
Smash Goal Goal Roll