European Poison Touch Croagunk, Croagunk C-Gear skin, Victini Wi-Fi distribution announced

Croagunk available now; Victini to be available December
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  • Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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Promotional events for Croagunk and Victini will soon be available to those with either European Pokémon Black and White games or Global Link accounts.


Two Croagunk promotions, a C-Gear skin and the Pokémon itself, will be available for those with European Pokémon Global Link accounts starting Nov. 16. The C-Gear skin featuring Croagynk can be accessed by entering the appropriate password revealed by the Official Nintendo Magazine: CRONintendoOfficial (UK), CRONNintendoOfficiel (France), CRONZONE (Germany), CRONintendoAccion (Spain).

The male Croagunk from the Pokémon promotion will have its Hidden Ability Poison Touch, and it knows the move Poison Jab, a move which it learns by level up at level 43 or TM. Heavily advertised to have the said move, Croagunk available in the new Rugged Mountain area of the Island of Dreams in the Pokémon Dream World will not know the move when befriended. These promotions will end Jan. 9, 2012.

Poké has revealed that the event-only Victini will be available to European Black and White games via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection soon, with the UK currently being the only European country with the confirmed dates of Dec. 3 to 31, the same dates, as the distribution for North American games. This Victini will know the moves of V-create, Searing Shot, Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare, three of which are exclusive to this distribution event. This Victini was previously distributed in Japan from April 16 to Aug. 31 earlier this year to promote the the double-feature fourteenth Pokémon movies, which currently have no confirmed airings in Europe.