First Pokémon Rumble U passwords announced for the US

Pokémon Rumble U available starting today
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  • Thursday, August 29, 2013

001Bulbasaur Dream.png
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Pokémon Rumble U is a game that allows for large scale Pokémon battles, up to 100 Pokémon per player can battle at the same time, and it is important to always be growing one's Rumble U team. In Japan and Europe Rumble U passwords that unlock new Pokémon or sometimes Shiny versions of Pokémon have been revealed and now they are coming to the US. More Pokémon passwords that unlock them in Rumble U will be released but the following twelve Pokémon have all been released to American Rumble U owners to unlock. Starting today, Pokémon Rumble U is available on the Nintendo eShop.


Pokémon Move #1 Move #2 Password
  Bulbasaur Razor Leaf SolarBeam 94283937
  Charizard Blast Burn Dragon Claw 68110948
  Snorlax Strength Flamethrower 43265987
  Dragonite Draco Meteor Fire Blast 91698319
  Piplup Drill Peck Hydro Pump 72679922
  Rotom Shadow Ball Thunder 04417308
  Serperior Frenzy Plant Dragon Tail 07461322
  Oshawott Razor Shell Tail Whip 23906908
  Samurott Ice Beam Hydro Cannon 80889856
  Whimsicott Razor Leaf Giga Drain 65501535
  Stunfisk Discharge Mud Shot 02337796
  Hydreigon Dark Pulse Draco Meteor 93173657