First analysis of Autumn Regional Champion released

More official analyses to be released in future
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  • Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Poké has just released their first official analysis of an Autumn Regional Champion's team. They plan to continue analyzing Autumn Regional Champions in future articles, including champions from the TCG.

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The article analyzed the six Pokémon used by regional champion Brendan Zheng, including information about his Pokémon's movesets, Abilities, natures, and held items. It also includes other general information about the tournament, such as how a majority of weather-based teams at the tournament were centered around rain. This information could prove to be useful to any player looking to compete at the Spring Regional Championships in April, the National Championships in June, or any friendly battle for that matter. In a previous article, Poké mentioned that they would be doing this to numerous championship teams in a series titled "Championship Video Game Strategies".

As mentioned, the article primarily focuses Brendan's team, as well as rain-based weather teams in general. It discussed how Politoed having the Hidden Ability Drizzle was something that enormously contributed to Brendan's success. It had details regarding each of the Pokémon on his team: Politoed, Ludicolo, Kingdra, Toxicroak, Thundurus, and Jellicent. Along with that, how to obtain each Pokémon, item, and move that Brendan used, was also a part of the anaylsis. While having a few faults, like stating that the Haban Berry could be obtained via the Pokéwalker (despite items being unable to be transferred from Generation IV to V), rather than the Pokémon Dream World, or mentioning that the Ability Cursed Body is only activated after a KO, the article gave an in-depth analysis on each of Brendan's Pokémon's individual contribution to his team.

The Autumn Regional Championships, part of Play! Pokémon, are tournaments held by the Pokémon Company. Unlike in previous years, these tournaments do not qualify a competitor to attend the Video Game National Championships, as anybody in good standing can now attend the National Championships. However, a player can still win a first and second round bye for the National Championships, as well as free travel to either the United States or Canadian National Championships, by winning their Regionals.