Fourth anime series title revealed

Next series to be "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!"
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  • Thursday, July 1, 2010

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A trailer for the thirteenth Pokémon movie attached to the latest episode of Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl has revealed that the title for the next anime series will be 「ポケットモンスターベストウイッシュ」 Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!.

The new characters shown in silhouette
Several characters as seen in the earlier leak

Character silhouettes were also shown. These were leaked onto the internet on last June 27. It shows Satoshi wearing the clothes of the male playable character in the games Pokémon Black and White. They also confirm that there is a new female protagonist joining, one made for the anime instead of using the character from the games. Her name is posted below the art, but it is not printed clearly. Although it appears to read Iris (Japanese: アイリス), this cannot be confirmed yet. Rocket-dan is also shown, as are some new Pokémon and a man with a mustache, whose role is not yet known. Takeshi and Hikari are not seen in the image; this supports a blog entry made by an anime staff member earlier.

The two version mascots of Pokémon Black and White are shown in promotional material for the anime, suggesting that like Dialga and Palkia before them, the legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom will have a role in the overarching plot of the anime series.

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes is expected to follow the plot of the upcoming games Pokémon Black and White, taking Satoshi to the Isshu region. The series title references this through the initials of Best Wishes being similar to that of Black and White. The current anime series, Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl, is expected to end this fall, some time after the end of Satoshi's battles in the Shin'ō League tournament on Suzuran Island.

By tc26x