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Freeze Bolt's Vileplume revealed

Card's Ability makes Weakness ×4
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  • Friday, June 29, 2012

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Vileplume from BW6's Freeze Bolt has been revealed! Vileplume, numbered 003/059, will be a Holographic Rare whose Ability makes all Weakness multiplied by 4 instead of 2 while in Play. Freeze Bolt/Cold Flare will be released July 13 in Japan. A full translation is below.

Card text


ラフレシア Ruffresia
Hit Points: 140
Allergy Panic
As long as this Pokémon is in play, all Pokémon's Weaknesses are now ×4.
Pollen Spray
The Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned and Asleep.
retreat cost

Currently known Setlist

Freeze Bolt
No. Card name Type Rarity Promotion
001/059 Oddish Grass-attack.png Common Promotion
003/059 Vileplume Grass-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
005/059 Heracross Grass-attack.png Common Promotion
010/059 Charmander Fire-attack.png Common Promotion
011/059 Charmeleon Fire-attack.png Common Promotion
012/059 Charizard Fire-attack.png Promotion
013/059 Darumaka Fire-attack.png Promotion
014/059 Darmanitan Fire-attack.png Promotion
015/059 Marill Water-attack.png Common Promotion
016/059 Azumarill Water-attack.png Common Promotion
030/059 Venipede Psychic-attack.png Common Promotion
031/059 Whirlipede Psychic-attack.png Promotion
032/059 Scolipede Psychic-attack.png Promotion
036/037 Trapinch Fighting-attack.png Promotion
037/059 Lunatone Fighting-attack.png Uncommon Promotion
043/059 Vibrava Dragon-attack.png Promotion
044/059 Flygon Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
045/059 Black Kyurem-EX Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
046/059 Rattata Colorless-attack.png Common Promotion
047/059 Raticate Colorless-attack.png Promotion
- Audino Colorless-attack.png Promotion
054/059 Escape Rope I Uncommon Promotion
059/059 Crystal Wall I Rare Holo Promotion

Cold Flare
No. Card name Type Rarity Promotion
- Scyther Grass-attack.png Common Promotion
- Petilil Grass-attack.png Promotion
- Lilligant Grass-attack.png Promotion
012/059 Squirtle Water-attack.png Common Promotion
013/059 Wartortle Water-attack.png Common Promotion
014/059 Blastoise Water-attack.png Promotion
020/059 Electabuzz Lightning-attack.png Common Promotion
021/059 Electivire Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
025/059 Duskull Psychic-attack.png Promotion
024/059 Dusclops Psychic-attack.png Promotion
026/059 Dusknoir Psychic-attack.png Promotion
027/059 Croagunk Psychic-attack.png Common Promotion
028/059 Toxicroak Psychic-attack.png Promotion
034/059 Timburr Fighting-attack.png Promotion
035/059 Gurdurr Fighting-attack.png Uncommon Promotion
036/059 Conkeldurr Fighting-attack.png Promotion
039/059 Scizor Metal-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
041/059 White Kyurem-EX Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
047/059 Skitty Colorless-attack.png Common Promotion
048/059 Delcatty Colorless-attack.png Promotion
- Lillipup Colorless-attack.png Promotion
- Herdier Colorless-attack.png Promotion
- Stoutland Colorless-attack.png Promotion
055/059 Ether I Uncommon Promotion
056/059 Skyla Su Uncommon Promotion
059/059 Crystal Edge I Rare Holo Promotion