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Further information on upcoming episodes revealed

Main character's Pokémon to evolve, Satoshi competes in the Battle Arena
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  • Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Web Newtype revealed some information on upcoming episodes of the Pokémon anime in Japan. The following text contains spoilers.

Translation thanks to Dogasu and Murgatroyd.

AG148: ミズゴロウとモココ! 恋の特効薬!? Mizugorou and Mokoko! Wonder Drug of Love!?

Satoshi and Takeshi are busy making their final preparations before the battle at the Battle Arena. At this time, Takeshi's Numacraw and a "Wool Pokémon," Mokoko, recieve injuries. In order to receive treatment for them, Satoshi and his friends seek a traditional Chinese pharmacist...

AG149: バトルアリーナ! 格闘対決!! Battle Arena! Hand-to-Hand Fighting Showdown!!

After finally arriving at the Battle Arena, Satoshi challenges the Frontier Brain Kogomi to a battle. Satoshi chooses his Kabigon to face off against Kogomi's Charem, who attacks Kabion viciously so the only thing Kabigon can do is defend itself...

AG150: そだて屋さんとポケモンのタマゴ Breeding House Practitioner and the Pokémon Egg

On their journey, Satoshi and his friends stop at a farm. It turns out to be a "breeding center" where people leave Pokémon eggs to be raised. Shiromi, who works there, dreams of becoming a Pokémon Coordinator, but he can't leave the farm. When he learns that Haruka is a Coordinator, he becomes very cold toward her.