GameStop to give away Deoxys

Events to be held June 20-22, 27-29
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  • Sunday, June 8, 2008
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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GameStop stores in the United States will give away Deoxys to visitors with Pokémon Diamond or Pearl games the weekends of June 20-22 and 27-29, according to promotional material distributed to stores.

Deoxys (Normal Forme)

Deoxys will be inside a Cherish Ball, like all other event Pokemon. Deoxys will know the moves Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defense, and ExtremeSpeed. Because its history includes crashing into a snow-capped area of the planet, Deoxys will be carrying the item NeverMeltIce. Also you will be able to visit the different meteors in Veilstone City to change it's form, the forms are; Normal, Attack, Defend and Speed.

Official Gamestop Notice"--Tazaryoot 02:05, 12 June 2008 (UTC)