Google Maps joins forces with Pokémon for April Fools' Day

iPhone and Android users can catch 150 Pokémon until April 2
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  • Tuesday, April 1, 2014

001Bulbasaur Dream.png
This article brought to you by Bulbanews, your community Pokémon newspaper.

As an April Fools' Joke, the Google Maps app for iPhone and Android has wild Pokémon scattered throughout various locations in the world. Individual species appear in multiple locations. Many Pokémon are located near landmarks.

Catching a Pidgey in Google Maps
Viewing the Pokédex in Google Maps

As part of the joke, this is marketed as a Google hiring challenge. Players who find all 150 different species by are said to be invited to Google's headquaters, the Googleplex, to participate in "the final round of hiring." Google's hiring committee will supposedly first participate in Pokémon battles to determine who can best judge which applicant is best deserving of the title Pokémon master. The chosen applicant is said to begin work on September 1, 2014, but not battle date for the judges has been set yet.


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