Iwata affirms Pokémon on 3DS

Fans await further announcements
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  • Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has added fuel to the fire of speculation surrounding an upcoming Pokémon game for the 3DS. Speaking in a recent interview, Iwata laid hints about how the Pokémon franchise would handle the development of a portable 3D game. Although 3D elements would be involved, he said, 2D components would still be involved.

Satoru Iwata has been president of Nintendo since 2000, and has producer and executive producer credits in many Pokémon titles.
Naturally, we expect 3D viewing to become one of the attractions when the new Pokémon title is released on Nintendo 3DS, but a number of other attractions, which do not depend upon the 3D aspect, shall also be realised," Iwata told investors. "I have no hesitation about the prospect that a Pokémon-franchise title will be released for Nintendo 3DS.
  -- Satoru Iwata  

Iwata also addressed the health concerns initially highlighted with the 3D technology incorporated into the 3DS; these issues have since been resolved.

Even though very few details have been announced, fans are already buzzing about what is likely to be the next game in the franchise. With more than fifty games released in an almost fifteen-year history, the existing collection of games spans a wide range of plots, stories and genres.

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