Japan's BW7 TCG set to be 'Plasma Gale'

Set to release September 14
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  • Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Update: The Pack art for the set has been revealed. In addition, two new Battle Strength Decks were also announced.

Plasma Gale's Pack art

The seventh Japanese Black & White TCG expansion has been announced. Plasma Gale (Japanese: プラズマゲイル) will be released September 14, and will feature over 70 cards. Two other products will be released the same day: an accompanying half deck, named Team Plasma's Powered Half Deck (Japanese: プラズマ団パワードデッキ30 Plasma Gang's Power Half Deck), as well as a less detailed description of a deck kit named the 'Top Player Choice 100+40 Cards Master Deck Build'.

Lugia will be featured on both deck sleeves and a deck box releasing in September, as well as the pack art seen to the right.

Due for release on October 19th are the Black Kyurem-EX and the White Kyurem-EX Battle Strength Decks. Both will have 60 cards.