Japanese Zoroark, Winter Deerling C-Gear skins now available

Promotions for Winter Décor, Lucario to be available soon
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  • Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Players with Japanese Pokémon Global Link accounts may obtain new C-Gear skins featuring Zoroark and Deerling starting today, Dec. 1. Additional promotions will be available later on.


The skin 「ゾロアーク!」 Zoroark! was made available to commemorate the Famitsu Cup of the Global Battle Union. The password, found on the website of Famitsu, is ふぁみつうかっぷ Famitsu Cup. The Japanese promotion for this skin will remain available until Jan. 10, and it is also still available internationally. The Famitsu Cup's registration begins today and will end on Dec. 6, with the competition itself from Dec. 7 to 23.

The last of four skins featuring the different forms of Deerling, 「ふゆのすがた」 Winter Form, is also now available. Obtainable until Jan. 6, the skin requires no password. The skin is expected to be available internationally, following the end of the promotion for the Autumn Deerling skin.

Winter Deerling skin

Besides the C-Gear skins, the promotion for 「ウィンターカタログ2011」 Winter Catalogue 2011, the catalogue featuring winter Décor made available internationally last month, will be available on the Japanese Global Link from Dec. 7 to March 1. Inside the catalogue are three Décor, all available for free.

Lastly, a promotion for Lucario will be available soon, with the password to be available on the Weekly Famitsu issue released on Dec. 22. The level 10 Lucario will have their Hidden Ability Justified and the move Bullet Punch. The said magazine previously released the one-time use passwords for the female Banette with Cursed Body and Cotton Guard. No additional information is available.