Jirachi, new main stages available in Pokémon Shuffle

Tepig, new Daily Pokémon stages also available
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  • Monday, July 6, 2015

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The new version v1.2.6 patch for Pokémon Shuffle adds new main stages and special stages.

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The patch adds main stages 200 to 210. These stages are all in Pedra Valley, and the last stage is a Trainer that gives a Mega Stone.

A Tepig special stage is available until June 20. This stage is limited to 18 moves. This stage will be followed by a Pignite special stage in August.

A Jirachi special stage is available until June 10. It can only be played once per day. This stage is limited to 14 moves.

A new batch of Daily Stages are available until July 18. Monday's Pokémon is Wynaut, and Torkoal will also be available on one of the other days.

Additionally, players who check in will receive their participation prizes from the Mega Manectric Competitive Stage.

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